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Journey Of AbyaLife

Hi EveryOne,

Myself Abul Kalam Owner of established in 1 june 2022 due to failure in other business like Shopkraze (Failed Business Name)

I started my journey of online shopping or ecommerce service for clothing and accessories related products since 2015 from that time i learned so many things but failure is in my destiny but no problem every time i dropped down then i wake up with strongly and saw so many ups & downs from 2015 to 2022 before 2015 i was doing engineering from sam higginbottom institute of agriculture & sciences now it is sam higgingbottom university of agriculture technology and sciences , therefore in short i want to say that i dropped out from engineering course in 3rd year that was my first failure or you can say i gave up and then i started reselling through some application then i started Shopkraze, in shopkraze my first milestone of crossing 1lac+  turnover took me approx 5 year so many google ads so many facebook ads but i didn't get sale ,shopkraze journey is the toughest journey for me and i got depressed so in depression i was suffering from obesity hypoxia syndrome sleep apnuea types problems coming and i was hospitalized in 2020 of august 1st then it took me one year to reset myself after that i came again with shopkraze it was going good and suddenly my website got crashed and freezed and not opening also not secured then again it was my big failure. Then i started thinking what to do next because i feel so depressed i am unable to understand where is my life going then i took a step and think what will i do then i came with thi AbyaLife.

Firstly i want to tell you about the name why i chosen this name AbyaLife. I am smiling right now to tell you all about this what is the reason behind the name of AbyaLife, this name is made with the mixture of two name i don't want to disclose this due to security reason so i got the name "Abya" then i want any suffix so i join it with life and made "AbyaLife" i searched domain for this name and by the grace of almighty i got the domain and started journey and it begins

I request you to please share AbyaLife to your friends and family members and increase its sale and make a biggest family of AbyaLife

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